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Every man and woman on this planet wants to live a happy and fulfilled life, for this it is essential to become fully conscious. By raising awareness of your potential and your axis life path (where you come from, what you bring and where you go), Panditji offers powerful and practical knowledge to free you from your shackles.

Pandit Shiva Durga, a top notched Astrologer in Boston is dedicated to the liberation of your potential through reading your birth energies. He can activate the various positive vides and dormant lands in your life.

This Indian Astrologer in Boston consultation meets the following areas:

  • Highlighting your shadows to move towards a healing of your soul’s injury/key injuries.
  • Find the answers to your concrete, the more existential questions.
  • Breaking patterns that limit the creative impulse and accommodate the movement of life (filters, unconscious mechanisms, memories of other lives)
  • Manage the process of awakening of conscience and spiritual ascent.
  • Family Arguments, Fix Broken Relationship
  • Activate the mandate of incarnation and life missions (support you in your time of transformation, job change, relocation)
  • Identify the favorable moments to take the right decisions, thanks to planetary transits.
  • Listening to your personal ecology with a vibratory rate consistent with what you want to manifest.
  • Mastering the 3 types of mental states and how they work (reactive mind, the analytical.
Indian Astrologer in USA and Canada
Indian Astrologer in USA and Canada



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Customer Testimonials

Astrologer Shivadurga gave a great remedy that worked wonders in my life lifting my Business from the loss making enterprise to top no one corporate profit making entity. I went through tremendous pressure in financial liabilities and debts and lack of income. Finance was stagnated. Astrologer Shivadurga gave few remedies that are simple and to be done myself. I followed his instructions and I have good money flow now and have increased my turnover into multiple times. Thanks to Astrologer Shivadurga. !

Luke New York, USA

Astrologer Shivadurga, thank you very much for your great prediction and guidance for my job. I got my job abroad with all the visa problems solved. I am planning for my travel now. Everything was smooth and I had enough time and resources to do all these. I had all family my family support as Astrologer Shivadurga predicted. He told me to wait for this moment and said all will happen as I plan. The same way things happened and I am very happy to work overseas and help my family with prosperity. It is all in the psychic power of Astrologer Shivadurga and his compassion for the fellow people. He is great astrologer I ever knew. !

Deepak Los Angeles, USA

I had my horoscope already and never got the reading and predictions and I never bothered to do. I just casually met Astrologer Shivadurga and got my Horoscope reading and to my astonishment it was really a great reading and amazing predictions. And got a mystery solved in my life as what should I except in coming days in major events. Thanks Astrologer Shivadurga the great astrologer in Canada, You are a great gift to us. !

Austin Toronto, Canada

I had started developing this bad habit of drinking. In fact, I had become a drunkard. My mother came to know this and stopped talking to me. I talked to Pandit Ji after hearing about him. Thanks to him, I do not even touch a bottle now!!

Johan Canada

Pandit Ji is a wonderful person. He put a permanent end to all disputes between me and my husband. Everything is going good between the two of us now.

Marria vancouver

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