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Put an end to love marriage problems with the help of astrologer Shiva Durga

People fall in love all the time and their only wish is to get married to the person they love. This way they can spend the rest of their life with them. As the famous saying goes “Marriages Are Made in Heaven and Solemnize on Earth”, all love marriages do not have a happy ending. Most people just love but do not end up getting married. This is a very disheartening situation for both of them. There can be many invalid reasons for which the married cannot happen between them but mostly the marriage is not happening because of the fault in one of the horoscope or kundali.

Astrologer Shiva Durga is an expert love marriage astrologer. Many couples come to him with their problems related to love marriage. This can become a serious issue to either one of them or both of them as it can be a life and death situation.

What problems are faced in love marriage? The sphere of love is completed by Astrologer Shiva Durga

There can be many problems in the life of the couple. Some problems are very generic and can be solved by simple discussion. There are other problems which are astrological and can only be solved by an expert astrologer like Shiva Durga Ji. He provides the solution for problems and issues like:

  • Family of either girl or boy objecting for the union on the basis or cast or religion.
  • One of the two partners hesitant in marrying the other.
  • Kundalis not matching
  • Guna score not matching
  • Dosh in any one of the kundali
  • Fear of the future related to love and compatibility
  • The pair is not socially acceptable
  • Misunderstandings between the partners caused by a third person
  • Love triangle or jealousy
  • Financial status not matching
  • Family tradition not matching and cultural differences.
  • Conflicts between the two families

These are some of the issues which are faced by the couple. Astrologer Shiva Durga Ji is capable of solving and resolving all the issues and promises to provide a comfortable marriage and compatibility.

How can astrologer Shiva Durga help such couples?

Astrology is the only solution for problems like decreasing compatibility, love, misunderstanding, kundali dosh, not enough Guna score, and the fear of the future. He was raised by his forefathers who were prominent astrologers and was trained under them. He started his training in the early stages of his youth and has been practicing since then. He knows all the phases of Vedic astrology which make him one of the best astrologers.

He will have a thorough reading of the horoscopes of both girl and boy and will let the couple know about what type of Puja or Mantra Jaap should be done in order to have a happy married life. So if you are the one or you know someone who is facing problems in love marriage then let them have a word with renowned astrologer Shiva Durga.

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